ASX Listings

Mining Corporate provides companies, to the extent appropriate, with financial and corporate advice and assistance in the connection with their IPO, including:

Services include:

  • Management of initial public offerings;
  • Acting as a member of the Due Diligence Committee to ensure any significant items of interest to the company which are identified are communicated effectively to the company’s Board;
  • Engagement of independent experts for the purpose of providing reports for inclusion in the Prospectus;
  • Liaising with and co-ordination of lawyers and independent experts to minimise costs and avoid duplication;
  • Liaising with and co-ordination of ASIC and ASX matters arising as part of the initial public offering;
  • Preparation of and reviewing the prospectus for the capital raising;
  • Providing the company with continuing support and advice as is necessary; and
  • Such other services as are mutually agreed to be appropriate in the circumstances.